Volunteers Message

Volunteers Message

Jeanetter Prinz

Working at ASHA was such a rewarding experience! Sarika is an amazing teacher and so devoted to her job, I learned a lot from her. The children love her and are so eager to learn. Besides school education, ASHA provided healthy food, a structured social everyday life, and teaches important hygiene rules. Besides, ASHA ensures that the children get basic medical care and even offers trainings for the mothers. It was awesome to be with the kids everyday, to laugh with them, and to see how quickly they learn and improve. The teacher at ASHA are so caring and were always open to my ideas. I call myself lucky that I was able to be part of the ASHA family! Thank you ASHA!

Jeanetter Prinz [Munich, Germany]
Julia Rooznebeek

I’m Julia from the Netherlands and I am 19 years old. Last year I went to Nepal for three months, on my own. I travelled, experienced the Nepali life and also volunteered at a school, named ASHA. I am so happy I made the decision to volunteer at this school. I learned so much and got new insights.

The first two weeks at the school I had the time to get used to everything, the children, the teachers, the way of teaching and so on. This was a comfortable way to get to know the ‘school life’ in Nepal, because it is so different than in the Netherlands.

After the two weeks I started to give arts and craft lessons. Everyday I made a new exercise for the children to practice their creative skills. It made me so happy to see how every kid enjoyed and did their best. They made some very beautiful work!

The teachers were so good and kind and I am amazed about the efforts they make to teach the children and give them a good time. ASHA make education possible for every child. I am glad I could be part of the ASHA famliy. They have a very special place in my heart!

Julia Rooznebeek [Netherlands]
Katharina Drawetz

First coming to Nepal was not different than I expected it to be. It is crowded and everything is louder than I am used to it it Europe. Then I came to Asha. I was welcomed from all the kids with the really loud “Namaste” and a Hello. I immediately felt at home. I was asked if I have ideas or games or things to do with the kids. I had a lot of things in mind. During my time here I was allowed to realize a lot of my ideas with the kids. I was so happy that nearly everyone in Nepal speaks English, so there was not a big language barrier. Even the kids understood a lot. During my stay I helped in the lessons and helped where I could. All the teachers were really friendly and always translated to the kids if they did not understand. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work at Asha and was able to help.

Katharina Drawetz [Austria]

Working as volunteers in ASHA was really valuable experience for both of us. We are happy about assisting the teachers during the lessons and getting an impression of their teaching. After some years of teaching experience in Luxembourg, we were really interested in their work and tried to give them some ideas and different methods of teaching we are using in our school system. All the teachers had been open-minded and happy about every input and immediately tried to put our ideas into practice. We are grateful for this great cooperation and would like to thank them for their warm hospitality.

We think that the work of ASHA is really important for the children living in the slum area next to the school. Without the support of this NGO, all these children would not have the possibility of education, a right that every child should have in our world. For us, supporting this project will always be necessary to guarantee the future of these children.

ANNIE & TANJA [Luxembourg]