About "Asha"

NGO “ASHA” is a non-profitable organization running a school for underprivileged children with the help of donations from people and various sources. Though we aim to educate slum kids, we also offer help to those who are poor and underprivileged in providing pre-primary schooling.

ASHA aims to provide quality education to all the underprivileged children, thereby fulfilling their dreams to build a better future. Our motto is equality in education and we want to be their strong pillar of support to make them better persons. We provide education with hygienic food and all other required basic facilities.

Education is a reflection of a good civilization. It not only spreads awareness about how to make a difference by being a good person but also help others in our daily life. Children need an affectionate and inspiring environment to develop fully and realize their real potential. And this is the reason why our NGO focuses on education – an education that enables children to build a new civilized society in future.

Our NGO, “ASHA”, provides that suitable environment for children to nurture their mental and physical activities. We want to become a “Hope” in their life to achieve a better future.

We believe that access to education is a basic human right of every child. However, it remains a distant dream for some kids, especially those who are poor and underprivileged. They can never afford to go to schools that offer quality education, equipment and learning resources, which often come at an expensive price. All they can do is merely watch other kids from upper class attending schools and enjoying their childhood. They might often wonder as to why they cannot join those kids and learn the same lessons, only to be chided by parents, as education is beyond their economic limits.

There should be transparency in education and underprivileged kids should equally enjoy the merits of education. These underprivileged kids need our help and support in fulfilling their dreams – dreams of learning, dreams of achieving something, dreams of building a better future. As such, we felt a need for a good school where we can provide all the necessary classroom materials, learning toys, playground equipment and other learning resources according to play way method.

ASHA aims at providing quality education from the grassroots levels, as nursery schooling forms the basic and strongest foundation in the life of every child. We take the responsibility of making their education strong, meaningful and fruitful.

Our main target is to educate children from slum areas.

How are we different? "Asha"

Every NGO has its own vision, mission and goals. They will have their own settings and way of working. ASHA is different from others as we are fulfilling the dreams of underprivileged kids by providing them pre-primary level of education with all the required facilities to learn. Our schooling gives them a strong foundation of education which will help them in developing language skills, fine motor skills, besides social skills. We provide all the necessary study material and assistance to make them intellectually strong and enjoy learning. We also give hygienic food and pay attention to their health aspects. ASHA brings new hopes in the lives of poor kids and their parents by being different, by making a big difference in their future.